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Each year, many rodeos within the PRCA California Circuit choose a special young lady who will represent their rodeo in the upcoming year.  To become a Queen, many of the pageants require that the future Queen display exemplary riding and horsemanship skills for the pageant judges.   She must also display poise and confidence, take great pride in her appearance, and have the ability to effectively communicate with the public.  She must have an extensive knowledge of rodeo.  Through public appearances and personal contacts, she will not only promote her own rodeo, but promote the sport of rodeo as a whole.   She must possess solid values and principled character as she will become a role model for many young girls who will one day follow in her footsteps.

Rodeo queens donate countless hours to their rodeo.  They work and stay busy all year long.  Many will travel to several PRCA and local rodeos throughout the State of California (and even out of state) as their rodeo’s representative.  Many queens are actively involved in charitable organizations within their communities. They make television appearances; attend ribbon cutting ceremonies and City Council meetings; and even visit local schools and hospitals.  Their work ethic is impressive especially considering many of these young ladies attend school and/or work full time.  Many may use their title as a PRCA Queen as a stepping stone toward the prestigious title of Miss Rodeo California (website) ( Facebook ).

The PRCA California Circuit would like to take this opportunity to both acknowledge and thank these young ladies for all of their hard work and dedication, not only to their rodeo, but to the PRCA California Circuit and the entire sport of rodeo.  We, along with your families, friends, committees, sponsors, and fans, are very proud of you.