Presenting your 2020 RAM PRCA California Circuit Finals Rodeo Contract Personnel



We are proud to announce the Contract Personnel for the 2020 PRCA RAM California Circuit Finals Rodeo!  Congratulations to all!

Each and every one of these individuals possess a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in the sport of professional rodeo.  Each has extensive experience in their specified field of expertise. In fact, several possess expertise in several fields.  These distinguished individuals are true professionals in every sense of the word.  Not only do they take great pride in their professional responsibilities, but perhaps even more importantly, they take great pride in supporting and promoting the professional sport of rodeo and we, along with each and every rodeo within the PRCA/WPRA California Circuits appreciate their support. We are honored to welcome them to the 2019 RAM PRCA California Circuit Finals Rodeo.


Jody Carper


Aaron Hargo

Dave Murdoch

Pick Up Men:

Bobby Marriott

Matt Twitchell


Traci Mitchell


Nacona Hargo

Robin Yerxa

Stock Contractors:

Bridwell Pro Rodeo ( website / Facebook )

Four Star Rodeo Company ( Facebook )

Flying U Rodeo Company ( website / Facebook )