OCTOBER 19, 2013



Meeting began 11:08am


Jeff Davis opened meeting – Thanks to everyone that is here. Great weather, great location and big thanks to Johnny Zamrzla for all of his efforts to make it a super Circuit Finals.  One suggestion to the contestants:  Please help us speed up the performance tonight. Contestants need to be on time!


Johnny Zamrzla – Thanks to everyone for coming. JZ explained that the ticket sales were up 88% from last year. Thanked Shawna Nelson for her outstanding promotional efforts thru social media!  JZ told of The Showdown Rodeo Committee’s involvement with the community in trying to bring more focus and support to the CCFR.  Cindy Rosser did not have the total payout sheets with her for the exact $$ numbers. Purse money of $83,000 plus entry $.


Chris Horton (PRCA Representative) spoke of various rule changes with PRCA for the upcoming year:

1.         Replacement Rule change passed.

2.         Request for Draw out if qualified for Circuit Finals and other qualifying type rodeos.

3.         Tie Down day $ is in effect – top 3 get paid.

4.         6% of total payout goes to PRCA  (was 5%).

5.         Starting April 1 – All rodeos will be Rodeo-pay.

6.         Pick 5 – is Out.

7.         Equal Team Roping  payout has been tabled by the board.

*Please refer to PRCA website for updated information


2012 = 587 Rodeos, 2013 = 611 Rodeos.


Champion Challenge – 5 out of 6 have been scheduled for 2014


Ram Circuit Finals does not count for Qualifying


Question to Chris from the floor:  Is purse $ added into Challenge purse $?

Answer: There was a $400 appearance fee added – it is undecided at this time if it will be added into purse.


Johnny Zamrzla- Topic of CCFR Jackets. So far approx 40 jackets were sold prior to the meeting.

Cindy has several more orders that she will turn in once she has time.


Cindy Rosser- On the jacket purchase topic – the Wilderness Circuit has a tier type system depending on when the dues are paid. The contestant can pay $50/$100/$150 based on the time of year. Contestants can save $ and pay early. Use as an incentive for members to pay their dues.


The price on the CCFR jackets in order to break even is $125.00.


Robin Yerxa makes a MOTION to create a tier system for CCFR: 

May 1st - $50.00 dues

August 1st - $100.00

October 1st – 16th  $150.00

Pay dues at the CCFR $200.00


Linda Vick seconded MOTION.


The encouragement is to pay dues early to support the Circuit!

If you qualify for the CCFR then the contestant that has paid their dues will get a jacket. If the contestant does not qualify, the money goes into the Circuit pot.


MOTION passed with majority.


Susie Mills – Suggested hometown rodeos help sponsor jackets with smaller donations.


Johnny Zamrzla - Bill Whitney (Salinas) had a car accident on the way to CCFR. He is doing ok now and back home from the hospital. His truck is totaled.


Jeff Davis – More discussion on how to cover the $12,000 needed for all contestants to get jackets.


Johnny Zamrzla – Expressed his position on balancing $7,500 sponsors against $250 sponsors. Trying to be fair to all. He is open to suggestions, but please keep in mind the balancing act that goes on to keep all sponsors happy.


Marguerite Happy – Discussion on the purchase of WPRA card cut-off dates.  CCFR cut-off date is October 18th. There is a gap in dates for purchasing WPRA card for qualifying. Dates between September/October rodeos get lost between cut-off period. This period affects Rookies the worst.


Cindy Rosser – suggest changing cut-off date back to the way it used to be to October 31st. The current cut-off dates are hurting October rodeos by October not counting for the present year.


Chris Horton – Suggests submitting the date change to PRCA for discussion.


Johnny Zamrzla – Reminds all that these Circuit Finals dates are set in stone. Be aware for next year October 17-19, 2014.


Shawna Nelson – Thanks to all of the contestants for “Liking” our rodeo on Facebook. Please continue to comment or post “likes” to help build sponsorship opportunities.


Luke Branquinho – Can they get water closer to the stalls next year?  Thank you for the light stands in the infield area – good improvement this year.


Johnny Zamrzla – Awards ceremony will be in Sponsor Tent area following Sunday perf. Families welcome. We should have results within 30 minutes after the perf.


Meeting Adjourned 11:52am.








General Meeting:  10/20/2012

General Meeting

October 20, 2012, 11:00 a.m.

Held at Antelope Valley Fairgrounds

Meeting started at 11:05 a.m. by Johnny Zamrzla.

Johnny explained the added and entry money.  Jeff Davis said it is $12,493 added.  Actually, $10,000 is added plus $2,700 in entry fees.

Sherry Gibson said $8,315 was given for each event from PRCA.

Per Sherry: $1,110 first place, first night. $1,800 approximate for average. $3,000 from Committee plus Sponsor money plus contestant money less 51.

In summary, a $79,527.96 check was given to Secretary Sherry Rice Gibson, which included Committee money, $3 money, PRCA contribution and National Sponsor funds, for a total of $9,941 for each of six events and a total amount of $19,882 for team roping.  There was additional added purse money from entry fees that were not included in the check written to Sherry.

Only eight California rodeos sponsored the California Circuit Finals.

Sponsors are watching:



Per Jeff Davis, judges want everyone to speed up Saturday night perf.

Chris Horton with PRCA brought up new rules for 2013:

1.         Fewer than five contestants, Committee may cancel the event.

Luke Branquinho mentioned the new rule of Committees being able to limit perfs to five events - pick five.  Doesn=t come to vote until midseason (September 2013).  Luke stressed every contestant to talk with their event representative - bad deal for rodeo.

2.         Team Roping - Count 75 vs. 85 in 2012.

3.         New qualifications for limited events.

4.         Clint Corey is now in charge of judging.

5.         RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo now qualifies for April 4-7 event.

6.         Tour rodeos - no changes at this point.

7.         Replacements - replaced 900 turnouts last year.  Now walk up replacements can be accepted depending on Committee.

Questions from crowd regarding turnouts.

Stock contractor can define available conditions regarding re-entries.

Marguerite Happy: Members can buy their cards for 2013, but get drawn out for the end of the previous year.  There are three rodeos in September/October that count for the next year Circuit Finals, but if a member hasn=t bought a card for the year, their points won't count.  She would like Chris to please get this changed for the upcoming year.

Extensive discussion regarding what the rules are for PRCA regarding end of year rodeos.

Conversations on:

Permits -  Committee adds $2,000 or less, they are required to allow permits.  Most rodoes do not realize that permit holders are getting refused.  The contestants feel the Committees need to know.

Tour Rodeos - Chris says no changes this year.

Question: Contestants feel the tour system is basically a mini NFR series.  Example: Omaha took only top 12.

Answer: Luke says there has been discussion on this.  Maybe some changes proposed.  Omaha said they could not get the right stock.

Talk with Event Representatives to voice opinion.

Committees -

Question: Can PRCA communicate with Committee to help them make it better.  Klamath Falls, Folsom made adjustments to dates and it really hurt the rodeo entries.

Answer: Per Luke, John Davis is the Committee Representative.  He works on that but Luke encouraged any contestants to talk to Committees.

Dan Russell said that Committee has to work with community for timing.  It doesn't always fit.

8.         Doctor release - Contestants are allowed two short term then they have to take a thirty day.  August had 4,000 doctor releases/turnouts.  It is killing Committees.

Question: Turnout rough stock - have the advantage to turnout two weeks prior, timed event doesn't.

Johnny mentioned that Circuit dues are $100 per year.  They are not enforced, not mandatory.  He does encourage everyone to pay dues to improve the Circuit.

Having an annual meeting at Bull Sale in Red Bluff.  Inviting all Committee Chairs from California rodeos.

Jackets were not provided.  Ended up putting money toward purse.

Crowd says they want their dues to go toward awards.

Sherry Gibson explained that it was explained to every contestant that it was voluntary.  Sherry encouraged everyone to pay their dues whether or not they are qualified for Finals.

PRCA will not enforce any collection of dues.

Comments made that it's not Circuit dues.  Maybe it should be called jackpot or jacket fees.

Several Committees contributed to California Finals, but only a handful.

A Circuit [email protected] currently goes to operations.

Jeff Davis asked, how can we get this done if everyone wants a jacket?

Nominate one person in each event to raise the money for the jackets in that event.

Sherry said only 47 people have paid dues.

Comment made that each event wants to raise sponsorship money, but they want to place advertisement in arena.  Member commented that we won=t work with them.

Johnny explained that the Sponsors have paid a lot of money to be in the arena.

Marguerite showed her appreciation to the Showdown Committee and Chris with PRCA.  Motion made that those who qualify for Circuit Finals pay $100 toward awards (jackets).

Seconded by Linda Vick.

Must send in size prior to specific date.

By raise of hands, motion passed.

Suggestion: Give a designated spot that contestant sponsors can receive recognition for donating to contestant awards.  Johnny explained the problem with representation.  Each of the sponsors could be mentioned on jackets.

Those who paid dues for 2012 will get jackets this year.  Circuit logo on back.  Pro Choice jacket.  Marguerite will have jackets made and mailed out.  Sherry will take additional fees here.  Motion approved.

Marguerite Happy suggestions: Better lighting, run tractor after acts, center gate.

Remember your pictures with Gene Hyder.

Meeting ended at 12:32 p.m.

RAM California Circuit Finals Rodeo Board Meeting
January 27, 2012

Meeting called to order by President Johnny Zamrzla at approximately 2:25 p.m. in the Board Room
at the Red Bluff Round-Up building/offices.

All Board members were present, except Luke Branquinho, who had been excused due to a schedule

The three invited guests spoke to the Board about items of interest for approximately 40 minutes
before being excused. The Board thanked our guests for attending and for having participated in the
lunch and general session prior to the Board meeting.

Below are the minutes of the meeting as taken by Secretary Cindy Rosser:

     Board of Directors Meeting
     California Circuit
     Red Bluff, CA January 27, 2012

Meeting 2.25 pm

In attendance, Johnny Zamrzla, Tim Bridwell, Bill Whitney, Jeff Davis, Elliot French, Tim O’Conner,
Cindy Rosser. Luke Branquinho not in attendance.

Guests, Bob Fox, Karl Stressman, John Davis

Spoke about how to get rodeo committees and contestants emails, help contact supervisors,
congressional representative, to help with animal rights issues.

Discussion about old circuit Website

18 Cardholders in PRCA for Bareback Riding as of January, ideas to increase Bareback Riding entries.

3:05 Guests left - Board Only

Approve minutes from Lancaster

Johnny spoke about financial issues, circuit dues; if dues worked, they would have $ 48,000 for 2012.

Possible Sponsors for 2012

Money made at last year’s finals, costs

Committees that gave to the Circuit

Work on Bareback Entries for 2012

Increase for Contract personal 25 %

$ 300 increase in 2011

Awards all the Same for 2012

Jackets for the Circuit-Wade Wheatley working on a Sponsor

Saddles- Buckles the same, All Awards given together

Committee Donations to Prize Money

Circuit Pays for Average and Year End Buckles

5 P.M. End of Meeting

Minutes taken By Cindy Rosser

We would also like to acknowledge and thank the rodeo committees who supported the 2011


Clovis Rodeo
Glennville Rodeo
Oakdale Rodeo
Rancho Mission Viejo Rodeo
Redding Rodeo
Riverdale Rodeo
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Benefit Rodeo
Showdown Rodeo
Springville Sierra Rodeo
Tehachapi Mountain Rodeo Association
Tuolumne County Sheriff's Posse Mother Lode Round Up
Truckee Championship Pro Rodeo